Xamarin Forms Photo Plugin

As Xamarin Forms Developers sometimes we need a photo functionality in our apps. There are great plugins out there and especially Xam.Media.Plugin which handles default photo takings. But what if we need an option to take multiple photos and preview or delete one from series?


This is where CrossApps.Photo.Plugin comes to help. For our projects, we struggled multiple times with default plugins but then when we get feedback from our users, we decided to develop our own photo experience, cross-platform.


CrossApps.Photo.Plugin is great for your next app if you need a WhatsApp like camera preview, where users can handle several photos in one process. It can be embedded into any existing Xamarin forms page, in XAML.




  • Take multiple Images
  • Preview Images
  • Delete Image in series
  • Min and Max allowed Images
  • Front and rear camera
  • Works on iOS and Android
  • Cross-Platform UI with SkiaSharp


Getting started with our evaluation

Using our plugin is very straightforward, just add CrossApps.Photo.Plugin to your shared project and insert following XAML in one of your views.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ContentPage xmlns="http://xamarin.com/schemas/2014/forms" 
             xmlns:local="clr-namespace:PluginTesting" x:Class="PluginTesting.MainPage">
    <crossapps:PhotoTakerView />


How much work is involved?


Our current release took over 40 hours of hard work plus testing on real devices. Here is a snippet from our git client.

xamarin photo plugin

Xamarin photo plugin hard work

The UI Part is drawn with SkiaSharp which is a high performant 2D Canvas. With these layer, we can guarantee a good look and feel on different device factors, especially on Android devices.


We offer a 50% discount for the first 50 purchases


For a limited amount, we can provide our plugin for first users with a 50% discount on regular price. Please note that all future updates are included within one license. You can use this license per Xamarin Forms App, one license for Android and iOS.

Xamarin Photo Plugin

Xamarin Photo Plugin


Please test before buying


You can just download our nuget package and start testing, if everything works fine and you are happy with the result, you can get a valid license for a production use case.

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